TED talks are about ideas worth sharing! They can teach, inspire, and entertain. Most importantly, they can expose us to a field of knowledge we don’t usually think about.

However, there are a lot out there, and it can be difficult to choose which one to watch next.

The goal of TEDSummaries is to

  1. Summarise the core idea of the talk into a couple of sentences. If the summary interests you, the talk should as well.
  2. rate and tag each video, for easy browsing and “what should I watch next”?
  3. briefly analyse each idea – does it stand up to scrutiny?

In rating a video, the important points are:

  • How interesting is the idea?
  • How well do they “prove” the idea? Is it convincing?
  • Did I learn something, see the world differently, or was I inspired by the video?

I want to learn all I can from TED, and make it easy for others to follow in my footsteps through TED. Please join me on this journey.

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