James Randi: Homeopathy, Psychics and fraud

Speaker: James Randi

Length: 17:51

Rating 1 / 5


James issued a 1 million dollar challenge to psychics to prove themselves, and has had a single response which was never followed through. He also took a ‘lethal’ dose of homeopathic sleeping pills on stage (no effect), and said he was reassured by the fact the dosage of active ingredient was equivalent to dumping a pill of aspirin in lake Tahoe and drinking the water.

He considers homeopathics and people who speak to the dead to be emotionally and financially draining, and they should be cracked down upon.


I was entertained, and I’m sure anyone with a friend into psychic readings or homeopathy could have a good time showing this video to them. Reaction videos would be appreciated.

However for me it was missing an idea or suggestion to improve myself, or teach me anything. It was basically a long rant against psychics and homeopathics. Not that I disagree with anything he said, I just don’t think many people would get anything out of it.

One thought on “James Randi: Homeopathy, Psychics and fraud

  1. nice post…you think homeopathic (medicine?) is weird? Check out the ‘visible’ surgeries performed by quack faith healer john of god in Brazil. This guy actually( heavy on the act) cuts breasts, scrapes eyeballs and sticks stuff way up the nose, to heal every ailment including cancer. Has to be seen to be believed!! and he does it all without proper sterilization and dirty hands. Ewww!

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