Brian Cox: CERN’s supercollider

Speaker: Brian Cox

Length: 16:26

Rating 3 / 5


Brian very briefly discusses a number of topics in Physics

  • construction of the CERN supercollider
  • scale of the universe, and the subatomic particles within it
  • standard model, and the theoretical term in this ultimate equation that implies Higgs boson (the source of mass)


I might want to rewatch this talk. It had a lot of detail and raced through a lot of information. I think if I watched this a few times, I could get a basic understanding of subatomic physics. However, it felt slightly frantic and most of the detail went over my head. If you had some more grounding in physics, you might pick up more.

I feel like I might have enjoyed a more detailed and slower paced but smaller topic within subatomic physics.

However, the information in here could teach you a lot

One thought on “Brian Cox: CERN’s supercollider

  1. Fascinating story, on so many levels. I relaly enjoy hearing about major scientific discoveries and all of the subsequent theories. I find it especially interesting when scientists so nonchalantly throw out the idea that perhaps the neutrinos didn’t break the speed of light but went through another dimension. As excited as we are to hear about it, I bet the scientists are all worked up. I also like the visual of them in their little white coats, blasting neutrinos around trying to duplicate the results. Thank you for sharing this, very interesting. Keep us informed!

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