The Paradoxes of Power in Australia – Geoff Aigner

Speaker: Geoff Aigner

Length: 20:30

Rating 3 / 5


Geoff discusses power – coming from authority / title, but also that from general experience / skills / knowledge. The paradoxes prevent people from feeling like they should use this power, and are:

  • We are authority dependent, but also anti-authoritarian
  • Australians are generally egalitarian (feel we are equal), but increasingly hierarchical
  • want relationships, but also competitive
  • carry a background of adversity, but are currently extremely prosperous.

He makes the points that people should not be afraid of using their power, or intervening when they see bullying or abuse of others. We cannot neglect or ignore others, or wait for others (government, CEOs) to act for us.


I think Geoff is getting at some good points, but it is difficult to pick the ‘takeaway message’. The main focus is that all people have some form of power, and should be willing to use this to protect others.

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