David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips

Speaker: David Pogue

Length: 5:44


David Pogue shares “10 things you think everybody knows, but it turns out they dont.”

  1. Tap “space” to scroll down a page and “shift space” to scroll up.
  2. The “tab” key allows to skip between boxes in a form you are filling out.
  3. “Ctrl +” will zoom in on a web page and “ctrl -” will zoom out.
  4. On a smartphone press “space” twice at the end of a sentence and it will enter the period and capitalize the beginning of your next sentence.
  5. To redial someone on a smartphone, press the call button and it will bring up the last number you called.
  6. To skip the voicemail message press:
    • * for Verizon
    • # for AT&T and T-Mobile
    • 1 for Sprint
  7. On Google type “define” and the word you are trying to define to bring up the definition.
  8. Double click to highlight a word instead of clicking and dragging.
  9. On a camera half press the shutter button to prefocus to eliminate shutter lag.
  10. On a powerpoint presentation press “B” to black out and “W” to white out.

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