The New Way to Work: Charlie Hoehn

Speaker: Charlie Hoehn

Length: 16:44


Charlie Hoehn gives on a talk on the method he used to find meaningful work after struggling to find a satisfying job after college. The new way to work he introduces is called Free Work. While an internship involves competing with other applicants and usually doing menial work from 9 to 5, Free Work is just the opposite. You can work with anyone in the world, at anytime you want. Free work forces to choose work that you would do even if you weren’t being paid – because you’re not.

Charlie lays out the 7 steps to becoming a recession proof graduate (where the economy does not dictate what kind work you have).

  1. Stop being entitled.
  • College degrees are becoming commodities.
  1. Choose an area you’d like to work in
  1. Get some skills
  • Specifically ones that are in high demand and difficult to learn.
  1. Build your online presence
  • Realize that people will Google your name
  1. Pay the bills and cut your costs
  • Find a way to survive while you’re not getting paid
  1. Contact targets and prove your worth
  • Allude to the research you’ve done on them
  • Offer 3 examples of free work related to your skills
  • Give a call to action
  1. Transition to paid work
  • If you do everything correctly it should be easier for someone to pay you than find someone else

Charlie says the only thing that separates him from anyone else is that he adapted and took a new strategy. He urges everyone to ask himself the question he asked himself year ago, “what is the worst that could happen?”

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