Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning


Ramsey Musallam is a chemistry teacher whose mission is to meaningfully integrate multimedia into a hands-on, inquiry-based learning cycle.


Ramsey is a chemistry teacher who thinks a teacher’s role is to encourage a student’s curiosity. They should aim to confuse and perplex, so that the students want to ask questions and experiment. When he did this with a common demonstration (putting a card on a glass of water and turning it upside down so the card sticks to the glass), he loved it when students continued to extend the experiment when they got home.

When Ramsey was diagnosed with a life-threatening aneurism, he was impressed with his surgeon’s confidence and knowledge of the condition. The surgeon told him 3 things

  1. Curiosity drove him to ask hard questions about the procedure
  2. He embraced the messy process of trial and error
  3. Through reflection, he gathered the information to design the procedure.

From this, Ramsey developed his own 3 rules to encourage learning

  1. Curiosity comes first. Questions should be windows to new theory, not the other way around.
  2. Embrace the mess. Learning can be ugly- trial and error should be encouraged.
  3. Practice reflection

Young children (4 year olds) always ask “why?”. Teachers should embrace this curiosity and keep it going throughout their school lives.


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