Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere


Eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma is an and his company, Afforestt — create afforestation methods that make it easy to plant maintenance-free, wild and biodiverse forests.


Shubhendu Sharma was an industrial engineer for Toyota when he was introduced to Dr. Akira Miyakki. Dr. Miyakki’s was hired by Toyota to help offset some of the carbon emissions by growing a literal forest at the factory. These forests are particularly practical because they grow 10 times faster, are 100 times more biodiverse and 30 times more lush than convential plants. Sharma grew his own forest in his backyard and became fascinated by the challenge of growing with the same acumen as building cars or creating software.

In a blend of technology and nature, Sharma started a business that grows forests in a way that replicates Toyota’s model for production efficiency. The Toyota Production System revolves around a concept called “heijunka (production leveling), which translates to using a single manufacturing line to make different models of cars.  He simply replaced the trees with cars and can now grow a 300 tree forest in the space of 6 parked cars. Amazingly, the cost of growing a forest is the same as that of an iPhone.

His company, Afforest is also working to make an open source database by publishing all the methodology they uses so that people can grow their own forests.  Additionally, by installing a probe on site, his company would be monitor the growth remotely and provide specific guidance.

My Thoughts

Wow. This speech is shockingly concise and extremely informative and well worth the watch.

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