Kare Anderson: Be an opportunity maker


A columnist for Forbes, Kare Anderson writes on behavioral research-based ways to become more deeply connected.


Kare grew up with crippling shyness, and was stuck observing others. She found some people wanted recognition and so talked about themselves. However others talked about the mutual ‘us’ – grow the connections between them and those they were talking to. Kare is calling to all of us to use our best talents with others, to make opportunities happen. Everyone is the best at something.

Kare met an actress who believed every new building in Los Angeles should have public art in it. This will let people connect, pose in front of it, and socialise. Kare referred the actress to a soon-to-be-released inmate with a passion for art and charisma to make things happen. She also found an architect to help them. The unexpected team were startling, compelling and credible, and together met with lawmakers to get art in every new building.

When she was a writer looking to spot trends, Kare had to build contacts from worlds very different to her own. She then had to translate this to relate to the reader – how these big trends affect them. While most people get more insular and connect with only those who feel the same as them, opportunity makers build connections with different people. They’re not affronted by differences, they’re excited by them.

It isn’t always the first connection with another person that is the best. Once you have worked together with someone and built a trust, more unexpected opportunities will arise. She related another story with the ex-con and actress from the public art job – the ex-con was fit and started teaching racquetball. When people work together, more opportunities will arise in the future.

3 Traits of opportunity makers

  • Opportunity makers keep honing their key strength.
  • They become pattern seekers. They deal with people outside their normal circle to find wider patterns.
  • Communicate to connect.

The world is hungry for opportunity makers to unite together and use our best talents in a team. We can accomplish greater things together than we can. “You can’t succeed coming to a pot luck with just a fork”

My Thoughts

My takeaway is to network and communicate. Help others build their ideas, and let them help you.

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