TED talks are about ideas worth sharing! They can teach, inspire, and entertain. Most importantly, they can expose us to a field of knowledge we don’t usually think about.

However, there are a lot out there, and it can be difficult to choose which one to watch next.

The goal of TEDSummaries is to

  1. Summarise the core idea of the talk into a couple of sentences. If the summary interests you, the talk should as well.
  2. rate and tag each video, for easy browsing and “what should I watch next”?
  3. briefly analyse each idea – does it stand up to scrutiny?

In rating a video, the important points are:

  • How interesting is the idea?
  • How well do they “prove” the idea? Is it convincing?
  • Did I learn something, see the world differently, or was I inspired by the video?

I want to learn all I can from TED, and make it easy for others to follow in my footsteps through TED. Please join me on this journey.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, I’m excited to see that someone is doing this! When I was searching for summaries of ted talks a couple months back, I was pretty disappointed in the lack of results. I’ve actually also been taking notes on the ted talks I’ve watched and was planning on uploading them to my personal website. I’d love to help you out on this project if you are open to some collaboration. Just shoot me an email!

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